Pitch Run-Throughs With the Mentors


All of the teams have now had the opportunity to present their pitch to the mentors, along with a 5-minute Q&A section for the mentors to provide feedback and help the teams perfect their pitches in advance of the judging tonight.

The timing has to be ruthless, so lead mentor Murray Buchanan reminded teams to ‘just take the feedback’, rather than try to answer mentor questions or justify their reasoning. With so many mentors with incredible experience from a wide range of expertise, 5 minutes did not feel like enough for any of the teams. To be fair, 5 days with this crew wouldn’t be enough.

The mentors had some great tips on pitching for the teams. Here are just a few:

  • Mind your timing. With only 5 minutes maximum, you should explain the problem quite quickly and then move onto your product solution.
  • Don’t use the phrase “go viral” – it’s a very hard promise to keep. And Cally Russell will call you out on it.
  • Although there’s not much time, don’t talk too fast!
  • Be very clear about your customer acquisition model + marketing plan.
  • Use the team – it’s nice to hear a few of your voices instead of just one.
  • Test everything! Make sure your slides work, your videos are loaded, and you know the format.
  • Connect with your audience by using local images and examples in your story.

With the teams showing such strong run-throughs, the mentors all agree that judging tonight will certainly be a tough call!