And we enter the final hours…


Doesn’t seem that long since we did the pitches on Friday night, but somehow Sunday morning is already here to tell us to pull our socks up and get ready for judgement! There is a suspicious quiet at SocietyM this morning, as teams put their head down for as much last-minute development as possible, while other members are trickling off to find quiet spaces to run through their presentations.

Many teams worked well into and through the night, producing some amazing results. How Green Is put their website live, Scran Clan built their prototype, and Team Know Your Food posted a great video that clearly has the touch of a designer on their market research so far:

Teams will spend the morning perfecting their business plans and prototype developments, up until 1pm when they will all have the opportunity to practice their pitch with the mentors for feedback. Presumably, the extra hour of sleep we got last night (or extra hour of work, more likely) will give us all a boost today to push through to the end, at The Lighthouse tonight.

And here’s some photos of people sleeping: