Winning Presentations


While the teams break for dinner, we had the opportunity to hear from Tadas Labudis of Eventhread, the winning presentation from Startup Weekend Lisbon 2013. Tadas went through the pitch that he gave, along with the slides he used in his 3-minute presentation.

The structure of his pitch was this: 1. The Problem; 2. The Solution; 3. A Product Demo; 4. the Market & Business Model; and finally 5. An Introduction to the Team.

The main points made by Wessel – the Startup Weekend facilitator – for the teams to think about in their presentation tomorrow night were these:

  • Create a solid structure to your pitch that includes the problem, the solution, and market viability
  • Use a very specific business plan. If you have time to develop a bottom-up approach to the market, that is very powerful.
  • Be energetic and use your body language to appeal to your audience. Move around.
  • Keep to time – we already saw on Friday night that Wessel means it when he says he will cut off your presentation once the alarm goes! 5 minutes and you’re DONE!

Some teams are now relaxing to watch The Startup Kids, while others may have been injected with too much inspiration and pressure to get pitches ready for run-throughs with the mentors at 1pm tomorrow.