Saturday Night’s Alright… at #SWG13


After a brief break for dinner and some tips on presenting startups for tomorrow night, some teams chilled out to get inspired watching The Startup Kids, while others got right back at it.

The clocks go back one hour tonight, meaning the teams have an extra hour of planning, developing, designing, pitch run-throughs, and taking advantage of mentors’ time (ok, they probably won’t do all-nighters with the teams). SocietyM is currently a veritable buzzing hive of tech entrepreneurship, with many of the teams working quietly (or not), networking over quiet beers, sharing ideas, and lots and lots of programming.

The teams will all have the opportunity to do presentation run-throughs with the mentors on Sunday at 1pm, to practice their pitch and receive some feedback before presenting to the judges/audience at The Lighthouse tomorrow night. 1pm tomorrow is sure to sneak up pretty fast now, so fully expect the teams to spend the entire night at SocietyM putting their startups together. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a wee power nap on one of the couches…