Saturday Morning at #SWG13


Good morning Startuppers!

Looks like there were a few all night hackers at SocietyM last night, and we’re looking forward to hearing from them today what progress was made.

Saturday morning will start with the media check-in, when organisers will visit each of the teams to gather:

  1. Business name
  2. Twitter handle
  3. Blog/Facebook url

Many of our mentors have already arrived for the day, and we strongly urge teams to take advantage of their time! We have some very high caliber mentors that many startups typically wouldn’t have access to, so make use of their expertise.

Any startup will tell you the immense value received from having the right mentors in the early stages of their business. One of the best resources that Startup Weekend provides is quality, enthusiastic, industry-relevant mentors for our startup businesses to get advice and guidance from. Use them!