Meet the Teams!


All the delegates of SWG13 have formed their teams and claimed a spot at SocietyM – some have bunker-quiet rooms, and some use tables in the main open space. We recently went around to each of the teams for the Media Check-In, and to find out a bit more about their idea…

  • Polybite, lead by Donald, was one of the pitches tackling the problem of foodwaste. This idea had a ‘Come Dine With Me’ twist – allowing people to crowd leftover food to create recipes.*
  • How Green Is was one of the spur-of-the-moment pitches last night from Thomas, which had the idea of ‘naming and shaming’ companies with poor green credentials.
  • PsychEd formed after a passionate pitch from leader Andreia, who wanted to create a media which would lower social stigmas against mental illnesses through education. While many of the pitches were specifically ‘green’, PsychEd focuses on social sustainability.
  • Green Bills, lead by Dom, is aiming to produce a platform to lower energy bills.
  • Unspike was pitched by Duncan last night to reduce peak demand for energy. The idea was sparked by the statistic on high water-use levels during commercial breaks on popular shows/ sports events, where we rely on energy from other countries to supply is. Unspike aims to reduce this demand for both cost and carbon savings.
  • EnergySaveAR focuses on a problem we can all benefit from – streamlining household energy use. The team is lead by Lillian.
  • The first pitch made last night was from Benjamin, who came up with Know Your Food, a platform connecting local producers with their consumers.
  • Easily our most ‘charismatic’ group leader, Donacha, is on a mission to solve the problem of accommdation – and tackle homelssness while he’s at it with Podstay.
  • Lend Some Sugar is a platform for collaborative consumption, which allows neighbours to share their products/services.
  • Everybody loves gamification! Co Mute awards points for every time you make an eco friendly journey – but here’s the win: The points actually result in tangible prizes.
  • And finally, CloudLet is developing an accessible platform for LEX cloud computation.

*Polybite has now changed their name to ScranClan

Good luck teams!

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