Startup Weekend Tips – The Presentation


Anyone who has had a startup will tell you that public speaking and pitching is something you will be doing a lot of. And there’s no time like the very weekend your startup is created to get started practicing those presentation skills! On Sunday night, each team will present their business to the judges (gulp) and other delegates, and some will even take home prizes!

The clocks go back this weekend, giving teams an extra hour to work. We recommend using this hour to work on your presentation! Remember – even if you have an amazing product, if you can’t effectively deliver it to an audience, you won’t be able to sell it. So it’s worth putting together a ‘wow’ presentation. Here’s a sample structure for maximum effectiveness:

  • Introduce the team: Highlight any strengths and diversity you have.
  • The idea: How did you come across it?
  • Reserach and development: How did the idea develop? What customer research activities did you take part in and what did you learn? (Hint: Highlight market viability and customer base)
  • The business model: What will running this startup really look like? Who’s in charge? What is the revenue structure? What do you need to get off the ground from here?
  • Closing line: Try to come up with a catch phrase. It might be dorky – but it will make you memorable.