What is so great about a Future City?


Future City | Glasgow will be supporting the Start-up Weekend Glasgow’s 54 event, providing a mentor and judge. Lucy Brown is working with engagement for the City Technology Platform ‘Open Glasgow’, within the Technology Strategy Board’s Future Cities Demonstrator Programme (aka Future City | Glasgow).

In a guest blog post, Lucy tells us about why sustainability and clean technology (‘cleantech’) are of vital relevance for a future city:

The world is urbanising. Cities are becoming larger and more complex. By 2050, it is projected that 75% of the entire human population of the planet will live in an urban setting: i.e. at the higher end of the UN estimates, that will equate to 7.5 billion people living in cities.

Good public services are at the core of any successful city; attracting population, business and investment. This is crucial for a better quality of life,

Cities under stress risk facing a struggle to provide good services; as availability of resources reduce whilst demand increases. A future city will balance the increase in city-dwellers with resources available. The Future Cities Catapult has visualised this in a video.

Viable, successful, sustainable cities will harness the power of technology to understand more about how such complex organisations behave. In turn, this will allow for scarce resources to be allocated where they are actually needed.

Future City | Glasgow has four pilot areas in; active travel, social transport, energy and street lighting. These are the first of many themes set to develop over the coming years.

As we understand more about our city and its key services, we can refine, enhance and improve the overall quality of city life – reducing negative environmental impact, increasing economic opportunity and improving the quality of life for citizens. Opening up of datasets about Glasgow helps us understand how our city works.

Given the clear alignment between the Future City | Glasgow vision and the aims of Start-up Weekend Glasgow, the @openglasgow team are thrilled to be collaborating!