Preparing for Startup Weekend – The Pitch


On Friday night, all Startup Weekend attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to the other delegates. Every one of you will have the chance (if you so chose to take it) to get up on stage, explain your dream for a startup, and delegates will vote on the best ideas to carry forward. If you’re formulating an idea for a startup, there are a few things to consider before #SWG13 to make a successful pitch:

  • All ideas are acceptable, however the event is largely tech-focused, and running on a theme of sustainability/cleantech. Even if your idea is not strictly tech, with only 54 hours we recommend you stick to the tech aspect of your idea (ie a website or app).
  • You have 60 seconds to pitch, so practice ahead of time to make sure you can fit in the key points. With the short ‘elevator pitch’ style, it’s best to structure your pitch: Introduction; Idea; Why it will work; USP; Closing hook.
  • Too many ideas? If you have more than one idea, plan to pitch your best one first just in case there isn’t time for more than one from each delegate.
  • Do some research! You should have your idea somewhat formulated before the Friday night, and most importantly know what already exists. The more you know about why your idea would work, what it would solve, and if it’s viable in the market, the more likely it is that your pitch (and thereby, your startup) will be successful.
    -Is there a gap in the market?/ Is there a market in the gap?
    -What competition currently exists?
    -What problem will your idea solve (“pain”)?
    -What tools/resources would you need?
    -What types of people are you looking to work with?
    -How will you generate revenue and profits?

If you’ve never pitched before and are nervous/unsure, look for one of the SWG Crew, mentors, or past participants. If you can, practice your pitch on someone before the event, and see if they understand what your idea is and are sold on it. The more you practice, the better it will go on the SWG13 stage!