Startup Weekend: What’s In It For You?


Startup Weekend is one of those unpredictable, undefinable, un-something-elseable (I’ll think of something and come back to edit post later) 54 hour experiences bringing together talented and energetic people from all sorts of different backgrounds to work towards a common goal: To create something for the greater good. On the #SWG13 theme of sustainability/cleantech, projects could be anything from technical innovation projects to reduce waste, to clever apps that help people in cities live more sustainably. Who knows!

Aside from the potential to create a real, viable startup businesses that may well save the planet, there are tons of other – nearly guaranteed – benefits to attending a startup weekend:

  • Useful networking: You will be getting to know (like, know really well) some very relevant contacts – people interested in the same industry as you. In addition to the other delegates/collaborators, we have some fantastic mentors and judges coming along that will be amazing contacts for anyone interested in sustainability, cleantech, and startups in general.
  • Valuable experience: Creating a startup is one of the biggest learning experiences an entrepreneurial individual will go through. You will definitely learn a lot, and probably gain some new skills from the rest of your team in the process. For students and startup-types, this weekend is a great chance to build up your portfolio/CV.
  • Learning. Lots of learning: Like I said, startups have a steep, steep learning curve. Participating in one – even if you only go through 54 hours – will teach you tons more than any business book you’ve ever read. Trust us.
  • Caffeine addiction: If you don’t have one yet. Which is silly. You’ll practically be inhaling caffeine by Sunday. Embrace it.
  • Mentors: Worth mentioning twice. We have insanely good mentors lined up – people you might not have access to out there in the wild.
  • Fun: Yea… you knew I was going to say that.