Why You Should Startup at a Startup Weekend


If you’re on this site, let’s assume you’re interested in startups. Maybe you’ve already been involved in one, have an idea for one, or just want to know more. You’ve come to the right place (good job).

Starting up a startup can be difficult. Ok, #understatementofthecentury! Startups are awesome, wonderful, inspiring, educational, once-in-a-lifetime journeys that few people have the courage to enjoy. But they can also be scary, isolating, risky – dare I say the F word (rhymes with nail) – that you may always question if you’re doing it right.

That’s what makes Startup Weekend sweet. First, you’ll find a team of people who believe in your idea – people with different backgrounds and expertise that you will spend 54 hours determining the direction of your startup. Having the right team and cofounders makes or breaks a startup. Second, Startup Weekend provides tons of peer support and access to a local community. Surrounding yourself with the right environment can also guide your startup in the right path. Everyone at #SWG13 is interested in Sustainability & Cleantech – certainly a good room to be in if your startup follows that theme!

The third sweet thing about Startup Weekend is the access to judges/mentors of a high caliber that you might not otherwise get to speak to. We have an amazing lineup of industry experts that most startups would kill for even an hour of their advice – and you get all of them there, talking about your startup and giving you ideas.

Ask any entrepreneur the value of mentors and the response will be unanimous – invaluable. For the small ticket price of Startup Weekend, your startup idea will have access to the great industry brains that it otherwise could never afford.

So get yourself along to #SWG13!