Who Comes to Startup Weekend?


Startup Weekend brings together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs all interested in pitching their ideas and creating something with a team. Startup Weekend Glasgow 2013 is running on the theme of Sustainability & Cleantech, and the success of the startups will rely somewhat on the mix of delegates attending.

The beauty and success of a startup comes from the unique recipe of talents involved – that is, people with different backgrounds and expertise, applying their unique skills to a common goal.

There is a misconception that a great app only requires a team of developers, a cool innovation comes only from designers, and a high-rollin’ business is left to the marketeers; but in fact, a viable startup needs all of these types. Perhaps you don’t think that your skill set translates in a Startup Weekend – but you think wrong! (“We want YOU”)

When you form your startup team on the Weekend, make sure you look for a good mix of skills. The different perspectives, in addition to the different technical/business skills, will be what really helps your good idea become a successful startup.