The Glasgow Startup Weekend 2013 Venue: SocietyM


glasgow3SocietyM is a business club that feels exclusive, but welcomes all. SocietyM is a republic for those who work different, with Vitra chic, free wiFi, fresh coffee, bookshelves full of inspiration, and great big chesterfield couches. There are spacious meeting rooms and one huge screening room to help you talk, think and create together. And when you’re not changing the world, there’s designer lounge areas so you can relax and have a croissant. All in all, societyM is an oasis for a new type of business person. we call them “business nomads”- innovators who aren’t bound by any one location or way of working.

Are startups Business nomads?
of course they are.
They’re bold, curious and interested in all kinds of everything: the latest trends, opinions, innovations, ideas, blogs and books.
They’re permanently connected, whether you’re on a bus, a train,
a plane, or with your feet-up in the living room.
They’re as sharp as your suit (and that’s really, really sharp).
They’re too aware to be slick, and too wise to be a wheeler dealer.

Apart from these common qualities, business nomads come in all shapes, sizes and ideologies.
Designers with ideas fizzing out of their customised macs.
One woman start-ups armed with an eye for every marketing niche.
Big time ceos with experience and humour to spare.
Brave freelancers on their way to the next troubleshoot.
In fact, business nomads are anyone who’d rather be in the world instead of in a cubicle.
At societyM, they come in from the wilds to meet and work.