Presentations Venue – The Lighthouse


the lighthouse

We are very much looking forward to the Sunday night presentations this year which will be held at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture in the heart of Glasgow. Located in the heart of the city centre, The Lighthouse is a thriving hub for the creative industries. The Lighthouse has built a reputation as the ideal venue for a wide range of corporate and private events, from simple meetings to conferences, launch events, dinners and exhibitions. To find out more, check out their website.what-we-do-3


In addition, during the weekend of 25-27 October, the Lighthouse has the following events on that may be of interest to attendees:

Stuart White – Waiting for Google
Review Gallery, Level 1
An exhibition of work looking at the time wasted procrastinating on the Internet and the
systems that purposefully distract and control our experiences on the Web.
Stuart White studied Visual Communication at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal
College of Art. He’s been involved with various projects across Glasgow since graduating,
including helping set up Hitherto, a gallery/shop located in the heart of the Merchant City
that promoted local illustrators and craft-makers (2006 – 09).
His practice focuses on a range of social issues; from the loss of craft to technology to what
impact today’s shallow consumer driven society is having on us. It seeks to shift mind-sets
and make people question their habitual behaviour.
ACAST: Innovations in Concrete
Gallery 2, Level 2
Concrete has given designers the ability to realise complex forms that were previously
impossible. This exhibition, starting from a Scottish perspective, looks at the versatile
potential of concrete. It explores the history of concrete and its relationship to culture
and society, its material and form, its contribution to sustainability and, through a series of
samples, explains the practicalities and alchemy of how concrete is fabricated.
For CAST events please check
Anna Gibb  365 drawings later
Long Gallery, Level 5
365 drawings later is a self-motivated drawing challenge by Glasgow-based artist Anna
Gibb. Beginning on 1 February 2012, the drawings document an eventful year. There
were trips to Belfast, Paris, Moscow, London, Skye, and Venice and, among other things,
a wedding and a nephew. There are 365 drawings: 47 of Glasgow, 39 of Italy, 9 of Paris
and 9 dreaming of escape. The year was spent toying between an unadulterated love of
architecture and deep frustration with the profession, such is the nature of someone at the
beginning of their architectural career.