Startup Weekend Pitches


Last night we had over 20 awesome pitches here at Startup Weekend Glasgow. Here are the guys who where pitching and their ideas:

Startup Weekend Glasgow Pitches

Name idea outline
Jonas Masiunus ShopScanner Changing the way we shop for food- scanner in shops
Avirudh Kaushik Contract 4 U Custom phone contracts
Rickard Smith Fubar Building Startup teams
Alasdair Crowley Contact Connect Connectimg business cards with LinkedIn
Roger Dubar Zapcoder Lego for coding
Tayyab Choudry Secretary for our car – app  
Alex Humphry-Baker Snowy Peaks Connecting skiers
Johnny Lott App purchase The e-commerce solution for retailing
Jacob Hiterski 24hr translation  
Kraig Walker Desktop Instagram  
Horatio Bota Gifty Social net gift manager
Gavin Robertson HackingGames X-factor meets the Hack
Jonathan Forbes Raadio Social platform for radio stations
Iain Wilson Project Chutney Post a package home from Airside at the airport
Zeesham Kazmi Food app Connect food buyers and food sellers
Steven Save me Voice activated app for emergencies
 Bryan icSop Heads up display to support aircraft mechanics
Renata Pilikaite Easy Vegan App to locate vegan food / restaurants
Alex ShareSci Science media portal
David McNaught Desktop tablet docks for phone. Turn a phone into a tablet
Ben Ashworth Taking fabric swatches into the 21st century
Varun Shah Best Mate  Tablet platform to for in sit  betting at sport events
 Martin Alderson Big Files

Great ideas don’t you agree?